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Why You Should Say “YES” To Engagement Photos


1. Get to know your photographer

If you are willing to give me the time, I am here to make some magic happen. I see the best results when I get to spend longer periods of time getting to know my couples. Together we can figure out a few different spots to shoot at and with each location various opportunities will arise. Plus, who doesn’t want to rock more than one outfit?

2. Get comfortable in front of the camera

I’ve always been at ease behind the lens but there was a time when I was just as intimidated as you might be feeling. With social media blowing up as the number one tool for marketing, I had to put myself out there – up front and live! Believe me, I’ve felt that same awkward stiffness and butterflies in my stomach too. There is often one person in the relationship who doesn’t realllly want to do it. Then the other is usually praying that they have fun and get into it. My job is to guide you just enough and then make you forget about the camera. Reason number four is a huge piece to this so be sure to read on! Every so often, I also like to show you the back of the camera so you can see how things are translating on my end. This way, you get a glimpse of that unspoken bond between you.

3. Makeup, hair trials and outfits

Typically, women are worried about their makeup and hair. Will my makeup last all day? Am I wearing too much foundation? Should I get lash extensions? Does it change my natural look? A successful engagement photo session will give you a sneak peek as to what the camera sees and you can make adjustments before the wedding. Lastly, oh to be young. You will never be this young or at this time in your life again. When you get to dress more casually for your engagement photos versus a wedding when you are all done up it will make for timeless photos. Photos that you can look back on and say, “that was us”. 

4. Go on a date

When I was in art school my teacher Cynthia taught us two things that matter most for any photography shoot – lighting and location. I use the same tools for my family shoots as I do my engagements. You’ll probably have a theme for your wedding so why not set the tone with your engagement photos and do the same? Think of it as a date night! Are you die-hard baseball fans? Then, let’s find a way to get on the field. Are you mountain climbers? Let’s get some action shots, then get a little more dressed up if you want and have a picnic on the rocks with beers overlooking your favorite view. Do you like to wander through art galleries and studios? Let’s incorporate your favorite art! The possibilities are endless! You choose the place and trust me, I can make it work! I just need your trust. The most important piece is to embrace who you are.

These are just few reasons why engagement photos are important, fun, and critical if you want beautiful wedding day images!

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Why You Should Say “YES” To Engagement Photos