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3 Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s or Galentine’s:

Hot Springs or Hot Tub anyone?

Let’s get steamy. Keep it simple or make it a weekend getaway! If you live at an apartment complex go hot tubbing. Take drinks down with you and finish the night cuddled up to a movie! 

  • About Time

  • Me Before You

  • P.S. I Love You 

  • Game of Thrones Episode to prep for April anyone?! The Catan board game of this is super fun too.  

I am totally a gift person but why can’t the gift be  an experience?! Plan a trip to a thermal hot springs. 

My Favorite Colorado Locations:

  • Ouray Hot Springs: Spend the day nestled within a narrow valley of the rocky mountains surrounded by 13,000 foot snowcapped peaks as the steam rolls off the springs. The winter is totally magical especially when the snow is falling!

  • Penny Hot Springs: If you really want to make it an outdoor adventure this naturally fed hot mineral water is just a 3 hour drive from Denver near Aspen. It would be perfect after a day on the slopes!

  • Five Colorado Hot Springs You Have Yet to Discover


Homemade Pizza:

I learned two things from my Indian nanny mom during college. Put the kids to bed early and make homemade pizza with Naan bread. I don’t have kids yet, so maybe like me, you just need to put your work away for the night. 

My favorite place to get the Naan bread is from Costco. They sell a giant pack of little mini ones for $6 ! It keeps you feeling light while totally exploding the taste buds. Boyfriend approved. 

Whole Foods even sells the cheese, pepperoni and sauce in little containers near the lunch section. Adding spinach on top has been a recent favorite of mine! 

Really cooking any meal from home together and making SURE to turn off the t.v. and just listen to music. This will totally switch up the vibe. 

Spice it up and each buy two bottles of wine on your own. Drink one now and then together label the other 3 for future uses. 


  • Bad Day, Surprise Gift, Anniversary, Birthday.

Have some self control 😉 make sure to save them!


Okay I had to do this one.

  • Book a cozy in-home photo session and make pancakes at your place!

  • Buy YOURSELF a boudoir shoot

  • Buy yourself a photoshoot with your dog

  • Both go in on a photoshoot with your puppy

  • Surprise them with a boudoir shoot of you

Some people totally hate Valentines but I am a sucker for love. Maybe it’s not actually on Valentines Day even, but I feel like these are all things you could do that aren’t just gifts.

Buy yourself that bottle of wine and relax in the hot tub. Turn on the music and dance with your lover in the kitchen. Treat yourself to an experience of memories and plan the weekend get away to the hot springs. Book a photo shoot and take pictures that make you feel empowered, sexy and grounded!

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3 Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s or Galentine’s: