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Destination wedding photographer based out of Colorado and Hawaii.

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Hi I'm Meg!

If there is one thing about eloping in Colorado that sets the mood and creates AMAZING imagery, it’s rain and wind! Eloping is not for everyone and that’s totally okay! But if you are considering what that might be like, close your eyes and imagine this with me for a sec.

The sound of your hiking boots crunching in the dirt. The soft touch of your partner’s fingertips making goose bumps down the sides of your arms. They pull you in closer to shelter you from the wind and you lay your head on their chest to hear the thumping of their heartbeat. Your entire body melts into your partners as you take a deep breath and the rainy air fills your lungs. It feels, peaceful.

The wind picks up and your hair is whipping around like Beyoncé in a music video! You both can’t help but laugh uncontrollably. It’s just you two. You have both chosen to strip away all the fluff of traditional wedding days and break it down to what matters most; the commitment you are making to your partner.

I am giddy to share that I am changing directions starting this summer with my first elopement in July! I will be specializing in intimate weddings and elopements from here on out!

There is so much room for creativity and rules to be broken! As someone who has been in a relationship of 10 years I want to help couple’s plan a day that is unique, simple and still creative. Choosing a location significant to you both, and not just elopements outdoors. I’m a small-town mountain girl turned city but I adore a stylish suit and heels just as much.

That being said, I am taking a little different direction in the elopement niche! These types of weddings tend to be categorized as only eloping outdoors. So stay tuned for more helpful content that I will be posting on how this whole thing can play out!

Stay Spicy,


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