Slow down sunshine,

take me where your souls collide.

I’m here to help ease you into the waters of the wedding world. If you’re dreaming of sunshine and a good time, you're in the right place.

Based in Hawaii & Colorado

I’m MEG.

From the sun kissed beaches of Hawaii to the breathtaking mountains of Colorado...

I'm here to help you find paradise anywhere or with anyone you choose to celebrate your love. Making memories and remembering how you felt matters most. 

The moment we met Meg, we knew
we had a soul match.
She sees us ,-who we are as people deep down.
Then immediately started thinking about how to capture us in images!

Amy + David

featured couples AROUND THE WORLD:


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meant to be?

Come to me vulnerably and I will create an atmosphere that holds you confidently so you can embody presence and purpose as we capture depth in all the little details. No matter the tide, you both know this experience is about celebrating an adventure of your own making. Your wedding day won’t last forever, but your love will. I'm here to make sure this feeling never fades. So dive in and celebrate love surrounded by your favorite people.  



Helpful planning tips and inspiration for your upcoming adventure. Documenting your heart’s belonging is more than just pretty photos… it’s an experience and you shouldn’t have to go at it alone.