The Intimate Wedding Experience

Let's talk about what to expect!

Most couples invest an average of $5000 for their day. 

Wedding & Elopement Pricing




Every photographer has their own style of shooting and personality they bring to your day.

Who you work with directly impacts your images!

Over a phone call we will answer questions and walk you through my personal process.


All the little details are coming together!

This will help us get specific on what kind of photos you want, your vendors, location, and more.


With an art degree in photography I know one thing matters most, good light!

Which is dependent on a good location. I'm here to help you envision and find locations that fit you. 

My favorite thing is to research epic, out of the ordinary places to celebrate.


Timelines: Necessary? YES!

We will create a timeline so you know exactly what's happening and where to be. But leave it to me to help things flow nicely. With backup plans of course.

My focus is to help you feel present and connect. 


We will have multiple emails, calls and texts that will help you feel supported and guided.

This helps me get to know you better and create a connection before the day.


Let's get you married!

You've heard it a million times...but blink and the day will be over! So all I need from you is your presence.

Love hard. Laugh harder. Hug and kiss and I will guide you through the rest!


Before I even picked up a digital camera I was in the darkroom for yeeeaaars developing prints.

Of course I'll share sneak peeks and blow up your social media tags with amazing photos.

But let's not let those memories just sit on computer. I promise the feeling of holding prints in your hands or and album to share with guests doesn't even compare.

The last step is to make your book and make your images come to life for print.

You feel it in your gut. Because when you know, you know! 

I make it easy to book with digital contracts, $1,000 retainer to hold your date and easy online payments.

The #1 thing I hear couples say is,
"We didn't even think of that!"

My guide will help you get those creative juices flowing and make this day truly your own. I'm here to chat logistics, lighting, timing + more!!!

This way

Book Me!

You don’t want your pictures to feel staged, and that can come from obsessing over a to-do list. When you're in charge of the day, you are present and excited. Which allows me to capture your love in a uniquely artistic, cinematic, natural storytelling matter that makes you say, “that’s us!?”

I'm here to take the stress out of planning and guide you through a day that stays focused on effortless moments, allowing you to be present.

A day without a "to-do" list.

A celebration with truly intimate moments.

A day where you aren’t watching the clock.