Have you ever been to Red Rocks in Colorado?! It is incredibly dear to my heart! Especially The Red Rocks Amphitheatre. I’ve spent countless summer days making the incline up it’s steep staircases to feed my soul with live music and join in harmony with total strangers. My heart ached to be there again with my friends. But 2020 had different plans.

From cancelled weddings, concerts and large events one thing has rung true…we love to celebrate life, TOGETHER. No matter how big or small the event we know that love can always be celebrated. Even if it doesn’t quite look the way we imagined it to be. Because isn’t that the best part of life anyway…making it up as we go? Knowing we have the FREEDOM to mold it into anything we dream up.

I have a handful of special elopements and intimate weddings to share with you on the blog from last year. But I figured I’d start with the last micro wedding of 2020 because of what it represented to my year.

Michaela and Jack had a intimate wedding where they exchanged vows inside their local church, Our Lady of the Snow Chapel. The name of the church stood out to me as it was a winter day in Denver, Colorado. The snowfall began as we made the trek up to Red Rocks for photos. If you look closely, you can see the softest snowflakes kissing their skin and floating around them in each photo. I was giddy with excitement because it felt like we were in a magical snow globe. It was quiet, tender, and oh so romantic.

When I closed my eyes I could feel the warmth of summer days there. I could hear the music echoing through the rocks. I could see my friends with giant smiles hugging all around me.

Winter at Red Rocks is a lot like 2020. A year of rebirth and stillness. We were forced to go inside for a while to grow. But we will emerge stronger as the seasons shift. We will be thankful for summer days, and winter and spring and fall and every moment in between.

To all of my couples who shifted with the winds and flowed with the rivers and crashed with the waves. As we step forward into 2021 let us surrender and take flight.

Stay Spicy,


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